Palm Beach County Behavioral Health Coalition was created to give parents and youths the tools to live drug, alcohol and tobacco free.

By bringing together local educators, substance abuse
professionals, law enforcement administrators, and business leaders, we coordinate activities, provide information, and
organize public awareness campaigns to steer youths and adults away from harmful substances.

Since 2002, our coalition has coordinated Palm Beach County's efforts to keep our communities healthy, safe and drug-free.

• Prescriptions
• Over-the-counter medications
• Vitamins
• Samples
• Medications for pets
• Ointments
• Lotions
• Liquid medication in plastic or leak proof containers
• Needles (Sharps)
• Thermometers
• Bloody or infectious waste
• Medication from businesses or clinics
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Aerosol cans
• Inhalers
• Medication in glass containers
• Lock up your medication
• Properly dispose of unused or unwanted drugs

Drop Box Locations

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